Sweet! 16-Tips for Building a Winning Web Team

By Colin Donohue

Seeing the competition on the basketball court for March Madness makes me think about the importance of getting the right players for your web team.

Many businesses know they need outside technical skills, marketing savvy, and someone to really move their web site, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Adwords advertising.  The problem is, if you aren’t “in the business” it’s difficult to know who’s really “got game” vs who is just posturing. It’s dangerous to draft that team without really researching their performance, and not just picking the “cheap” but less professionals or  “hot” (and expensive) top-end players.  You want to pay for substance, not salesmanship.

This week we’ll be sharing a series of tips for small businesses, to help you put together a winning team that will really make points with your customers!

1. Come to Play Ball!

In competitive sports, and in business, you don’t win by “showing up”. You win by being better than your competitors. You may not be in the Major Leagues, but it’s still very competitive.

You will, no doubt, year that “my cousin does web stuff”. He can help you, and he has really good rates”. Well, yeah. Your cousin may be tall, but that doesn’t mean he’s a baller.

Hiring an amateur to do a pro’s job will get you on the court, but you are not likely to win. If you’re main objective is “showing up”, then sure. Hire your friend’s cousin who works for $15/hour. You’ll likely get what you pay for.

2. See Through the Razzle-Dazzle

Many companies will do fancy dribbling, trick shots, and other gimmicks to convince you that they’re “all that”.

But you need to look for The Fundamentals. Can they score? Can they defend? Can they function as part of a team, or are they running off doing their tricks which are not part of the Game Plan? What is their record? Talk to past team-mates.

In the web marketing world, you have clear goals. You set “conversions” which are where you’re really scoring points. This may be online sales, leads, newsletter subscriptions, or whatever “wins” you need for your hard-earned money.

In some forums you see players that jump up and down, and wave their arms a lot.  This attracts attention, but does not score points.  They may be the ones that jump the highest when you throw a ball out into the forum, but the tip-off is not what wins the game.

No matter how they jump to win the sale, the important thing is who will score points for you consistently, and win.

I’ll share other resources, but to start with, here is what Google, “THE authority” on search marketing says about selecting someone for Search Engine Optimization:


Feel free to share your experiences (and “horror stories”) for the benefit of others!

More tips coming up throughout the week. By the end, you should know what you need to pick, and manage, a team of CHAMPIONS!