Searching For a Better World: Google Adwords Grants

So, as many of you who know me are aware, I’ve worked in the nonprofit world for over two decades, and know a lot of the potential of the field and a lot of the failings and weak points.

In many nonprofits there is a tendency to get money and spend it. Get and spend. Write a grant, and spend the money.

That pattern depresses me, and part of my personal mission is to help nonprofits do two things:
1. INVEST their funds in ways which do good work, but also BUILD toward some diversified revenue sources in the future, be it earned income, program fees, membership donations, or major donor support.

2. AIM HIGHER. It is NOT enough to do what we are doing now. Many social and environmental ills are worsening, not getting better. This doesn’t mean to despair. It means to stop, and think, and plan, and become more effective and efficient to create change on a broader and deeper scale than we are now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a museum or a social justice group, a zoo or a land trust. We all need to push ourselves to do more with less. I don’t mean work harder, or get burned out. I’ve been there, and I disliked it so much I didn’t even get the tee-shirt. 😉

I mean we need to look at ways to amplify our impact, and leverage our resources.

In my opinion, the use of the web, and digital communications could be greatly improved among nonprofits and agencies. This is part of my current personal mission to help see that happen.

For Root Deeper, we have a significant portion of our staffing available to help nonprofits access Google Adwords Grants.

These are not “cash money” grants, they are advertising budgets Google allocates to thousands of nonprofits in the US and beyond.

These Adwords Grants are up to $120,000/year of free advertising, and are RENEWABLE. You can get them repeatedly, with little effort required to renew.

Most nonprofits use under $4000/year of the total $120,000 available to them. The Searching for a Better World program of Root Deeper Consulting provides discounted consulting services to nonprofits interested in perusing these grants. As Adwords Certified Google Partners, we can provide the highest-level of effectiveness and innovation in campaign management, helping your nonprofit maximize its effectiveness in using the Grants.

Many nonprofits will never achieve the full $120,000/year spend as too few people are searching on the keywords you want to advertise with. But it’s likely we can help you achieve 10 or even 20 times as much impact as you would without our help.

We also have grant writing experience and can help you look at ways to use Google Adwords Grants as in-kind matching funds, and build outcomes from the Adwords campaigns into your grant proposals!

So, reach out to us if you work for a nonprofit, or are on a board, and think you have the ambition and the drive to really make something from the Adwords grants.

Do It!

Thanks, Colin