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Adwords is a very complex tool. In one year there may literally be a thousand changes. Many are small, but some are very significant, so it is difficult for non-specialists to keep up with how it all works.

At Root Deeper, we like to help businesses learn about Adwords, and various aspects of Profit-Driven Marketing. We feel educated businesses are our best clients, as the more you understand, the more effectively we can achieve your goals. Not all business owners prefer to get into the “nuts and bolts”, but here is a place to ask whatever questions you have about Adwords, Bing, Google Analytics, and other tools and aspects of Profit Driven Marketing strategies.

Any question you might have is also a question 100 other people probably have! (if not 10,000). So please don’t be shy to asking a question or two here to help advance your knowledge, and to share it with others!

Some questions we’ll answer with in-depth articles if we feel they pertain to many people and we have time to answer them in depth 🙂

So use the form to send us a question, or even better put it in the comments below! (must be logged into Facebook or Google+)

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