More Sweet-16 Tips for Building Your Web Marketing Dream Team!

By Colin Donohue

Building a winning team for web marketing is not something that is “automatic”.  I know too many folks who just “hire someone” and are disappointed with the results, or even worse are happy that their web site looks snazzy but don’t realize until years later they weren’t Getting the Job Done.  If you want a web site “just for looks” that’s OK.  But, at root, your site should accomplish something meaningful. If you want sales, it should drive sales!

To get what you want out of a web marketing team, you need to do your homework.  It is a great feeling when you find exceptional people to work with, and you enjoy together the Sweet Taste of Success!

So game on, coach, let’s look at some more tips to help you succeed on the Internet court, in the big leagues!


Have a Plan.

It may be a 100 page marketing analysis and strategy, or it may be X’s and O’s scribbled on a chalk board, but give it your best shot. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses and ESPECIALLY the weaknesses of your competitors.

If you don’t take the time to think through, and even research, your strategy you’re not giving your team the leadership they need to score points for you.  You count on them, and they count on you.

Nobody knows your business like you do.  So make sure you give your team the input they need to win.

Spin is for the Globe Trotters

Some companies focus on impressing you with spin rather thank working hard to score points for you. If they seem to be more about fancy footwork and you can’t see them really “getting in there” and breaking a sweat, you probably have a globe trotter. They make a lot of money bouncing from customer to customer, but unless you are paying to be entertained, don’t shell out their high ticket price!

It reminds me of a video someone once shared with me.  It’s a kickboxing match.  If you just saw 1 fighter showing off, you’d think he’d be a wizard!  But when he actually had to compete with an opponent who kept it simple, and had the fundamentals, he got his comeuppance.

Scout the Competition

No business happens in a vacuum. You are constantly competing with other very capable people who may be trying new strategies, making new moves, and “upping their game”.

Watch the techniques your competitors are using. What are they doing well? What are their weak points?

Some consultants (including Root Deeper) have access to intelligence-gathering services that can tell you what keywords your competitors are advertising on, and many important points about their approach.  This insight can transmit to important competitive advantage!

Host an Exhibition Game

Got a project you’re really going to invest something in? Let folks “show you their stuff” by asking for proposals from different vendors. Compare logos “side by side”, and see what you like best. Look at the boards/charette for the site different vendors come up with, and pick based on who really delivers what you want.

If you have a significant project, you may want to bid it out, or at least ask for competitive proposals that showcase the work of each firm and shares their approach and what they bring to the project.  It may be a hassle up-front, but a good consultant relationship can be worth its weight in gold when you really need it.

So don’t be shy to give folks a chance to “show you what they got!

They Want It So Bad they Can Taste It

There is a tricky balance. The most aggressive players who will give it their all, to put you up on the board are the ones that are probably your best bet.

But the trick is to distinguish the folks who are ready to move up to the big leagues, from those who have dreams of grandeur but never even dominated in the schoolyard games.

Look for firm evidence of their fundamentals, and even invite someone experienced to “scout” them if you have a lot riding on the game.

It is worth a bit of scouting, as if you find some “up and coming” talent, you’ll get more out of them, for a minor-league price, than hiring a legacy team where the owners have “made a name for themselves” and make all the money while fielding second-string players.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and I look forward to continuing the series!  Feel free to be in touch if you have any comments or questions.