Linking Adwords MCC Umbrella Account

Granting Adwords Access to Umbrella MCC for Account Audits and Review

Linking your Adwords to my Manager (MCC) Account

NOTE: don’t just go into your account and try to “add user”.  That is now how we access accounts as an agency.  We have an MCC or manager account, which is an umbrella for efficiently managing multiple accounts with one login.  If you add me this way, I will not accept.

  1. Email me your 10-digit Adwords account number, found here

mcc 0

2. I will then request access. You need to log into your account and approve.

You’ll receive an email indicating we’ve requested access. You can click on that or just go into Adwords.

3. Log in to your Adwords account and go to Account Settings

Where to find Google Adwords Account Number


4. Go to Account Access tab on the left. It will then show you the current people with access

5. Approve us as Client Manager

accept MCC link 4

You’ll get this confirmation message-

accept MCC link 5

Then you’re all done!

N.B. Never accept linking if it is from an unknown source.  Ours will come from which is our main analytics/management account.

The MCC access is necessary for us to view all data using the tools we have. We don’t modify anything until we have an agreement to mange the account.  You can disable the MCC linking any time you want.