Lead Sonar Pricing

Lead Sonar is the most cost-effective software product of it kind.  But beyond the affordability we have developed custom functionality which allows you to have opportunity and sales data integrated with Google Adwords for Profit-Driven Marketing.

This software suite revolutionizes conversion tracking and allows both short-term estimations of lead value, as well as long-term data on what deals close.  You can trace back deals you close in your CRM to specific ad groups, keywords, locations, days of the week, and more.

For truly excellent PPC management you need excellent tracking.  For purchases that require long consideration cycles (not just “see-click-buy”) and B2B relationships you need Lead Sonar.

Just the “Lead Alert” which notifies Sales/BD when key prospects are on the site is worth


Lead Sonar retails at $700/month*

Lead Sonar Advanced Call Tracking retails at $95*

So, starting at only $795/month* you can have game-changing full-cycle conversion tracking from ad to final sale.


Lead Alert

Flag the important leads and important pages on your site, and have sales/BD instantly notified when their prospects open their emails, visit the web site, or take some other action that indicates readiness and that it may be a good time to call the “warm” lead.

Full-Funnel Value Tracking

Get an estimated value for prospects exported into Adwords as a guideline for optimization, and replace that value with the actual sale value when the sale closes.  Gain the revenue feedback critical to Profit-Driven Marketing which is not available in most B2B or long-conversion-cycle marketing systems.

Advanced Call and Value Tracking

Track calls from multiple sources, so you know where sales are coming from

After the call, enter results on the keypad. Was it a good lead or not?  What type of client? Estimated value?  This all then gets fed back into Google Adwords for Profit-Driven Marketing.
* Prices are for standard usage rates. Overages result in additional charges. See Overages at the end of this page for details.


Advanced Call Tracking Standard Rates and Overages

Included Local Numbers 10
Included Local Minutes 900
Included Text Messages 100
Additional Phone Numbers $3 local  $5 toll-free
Additional Minutes 5¢ local  8¢ toll-free
Additional Text Messages 1.6¢ per message

Lead Sonar Core Package

Baseline Usage (included in price above)
  • 15,000 Leads
  • 5,000 Emails
  • 50,000 Page Impressions


Additional Leads

After the first 20,000 leads

Additional Emails (up to 100,000)

From 5,001 to 100,000 emails sent per month

Additional Emails (over 100,000)

Over 100,000 emails sent per month

Additional Page Impressions

Over 50,000 page impressions per month