Know Your Network

I’m mostly posting this because it’s entertaining, and fun, and it’s a Friday afternoon.

But it’s also an amazingly powerful tool and idea.

Humans have existed in social networks since the dawn of creation. Early on it was tight bands of maybe 30 persons who all knew each other. The social network looked like a tight ball of threads.

In today’s globalized life, we have a variety of connections with different social networks. Some have dense connections, some less. Certain people are “gatekeepers” or central hubs in certain social circles.

Network Map LinkedIn

If you want to nerd out on network analysis (or cure insomnia) you can start here

Really it’s fascinating stuff, though. Looking at your own social networks you may be surprised. For example, there is one professional network I thought would be very strong in mine. But it appeared as a tiny subnetwork. My network in the town where I live was much smaller compared to my national networks.

Whether it’s for fun, or to really learn about who you’re communicating with, and how, check out Linkedin’s social network mapping tool. It automatically pulls data from your profile, and shows you how folks are connected!

This can highlight folks you might keep in touch with better (if they are connected with a lot of folks) or general areas of your professional network you need to develop more.

Feel encouraged to share yours on my Google+ page (, as I’m VERY curious how others’ networks look.

Here’s mine. Just click the yellow “Get Yours Now” button to login to Linked in and see YOUR map! 🙂