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As the only certified Google Partner in SE Ohio, our certification reflects our commitment to excellence. Google’s certification requires tests on hundreds of pages of material, and also evaluation of Best Practices on real campaigns.

About Root Deeper MarketingAt Root Deeper we provide marketing and brand development services that are founded on a desire to understand and serve your customers.

Whether the customer is a potential supporter for a non-profit, or a potential purchaser of a product or service, the cutting edge of marketing is about building a relationship of value.

The best small companies of our era, many of which have become large companies, are based on a well-placed trust customers have in the integrity of the company and its commitment to doing good as it does well.  These companies, like Ben and Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, and Newman’s Own are “walking the talk” of green and social entreprenurship.  They create value to customers, and get paid for it.  But they also help make the world a better place.

Specialties of Root Deeper:

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC, Paid Search)

 “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This old line used to be absolutely true. Much advertising, even with big companies, was an uncertain proposition, with big spending and unclear results. But no more.   Today we can track exactly the results of each expenditure, and continually refine to make advertising more effective and efficient.

The use of Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, and other Pay-Per-Click strategies allows you to only pay for advertising that actually gets visitors to your site, and allows you to have great insights into their behaviors and interest.  

Rapid Assessment, Robust Response Online Marketing Services

For small businesses that are not sure how to begin online marketing we have our Rapid Assessment, Robust Response program, which will assist businesses with analysis of their business context/competitors, their market, and their financial model.  This analysis will drive an online marketing strategy which is unique, and tailored to each customer. 

The advantage of PPC marketing, instead of SEO strategies, is that you can immediately get results.  You can try out different promotions, strategies, and tactics, and directly track the result of all of your actions. 

We also can assist you with establish site traffic tracking, so you can know exactly what your web site is doing, where customers are coming from, and what pages they use and where you may “lose them. 

In this era of abundant data, there is no reason not to know exactly what your web site is doing for you. We can do this for you, reporting on the number of visitors, visitor behaviors, and more.  Or we can assist you in setting up your own monitoring system!

Deeper Analysis for Enduring Growth and Value

We are delighted to work with companies that may be small, but have a vision for growth, and long-term value.  Some people look for a “quick  buck”, and are looking to pump and dump their businesses.  This is not the way to provide the greatest service to customers and society. 

Our best work is done with ambitious and committed entrepreneurs who want to build companies that make a significant impact in the market, but also understand it is a long road to get to the mountaintop.  Leaders building companies on a foundation of hard work and good decisions are our best customers.  Insightful and deeply committed leaders are our best partners. 

If you want to build something of significance, and are ready to walk that long road to the mountaintop, we want to walk by your side!

The Green Bandwagon!  Web Marketing for Green Businesses

This program is designed to help socially and environmentally conscious businesses succeed, grow, and make money while they make friends and do good.  An important feature is not “getting the cart before the horse”.  Many well-meaning prospective businesses try to “sell” their “greenness” or “social purpose”.  We seek to help them do these good things but our focus is Bottom-Line viability.  Understand WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT, and PROVIDE IT.  If you only want to “sell” social benefits, start a nonprofit.  If you are a business, you need to provide a QUALITY product, of VALUE to the customer.  This may include social and environmental benefits, but YOU need to clearly communicate your value-proposition, and make purchasing from you as EASY and CONVENIENT as you can.  Your customer service should leave people happy, and wanting to come back, and tell their friends!

It is through these fundamentally sound business practices that you can generate resources that serve your social purpose, and extend your company’s life and expand your impact. 

 Nonprofit Adwords Grant Management

 Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and governmental agencies are often bad communicators.  They may have wonderful missions, and may make the world a better place, but they hide their light under a bushel of acronyms, jargon.  The key to successful communications with different audiences (from donors, to clients, to media) is to understand what the audience cares about, how they communicate, and how best to present your unique contributions to the world. 

SPECIAL SERVICE– Google Adwords Management for Non-profits, and Google Adwords Grants

Grants of $120,000/year of FREE Adwords from Google for Non-Profits!
Click Here to Learn About Google Grants 

Many non-profits are not aware of Google’s Adword Grants.  This amazing program can provide up to $120,000/year of FREE marketing for your nonprofit!  If you solicit donations online, reach out to clients, or otherwise make contact through the web, this program is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you. 

The program provides free Google Adwords for non-profits.  The program requires that your nonprofit actively manage the campaign, and utilize the resource effectively, or it will be taken away. 

Our specialized consultants will work with your organization to get ready to propose a project to Google, work through the application process, and provide campaign management, all for NO UP-FRONT MONEY (for a limited number of clients, of our choosing).  Once the grant is secured, we would charge a small management fee which should be more than recouped from marketing benefit. 

TNS-SEM:  World-Class Solutions for Global Marketing

Triple Nines Search Engine Marketing brings some of the best analytical minds to bear on on your Online Marketing tasks.  Drawing from members of the Triple Nine Society (a social group for folks in the 99.9th percentile for IQ ( and other hyper-analytical persons, we can provide high IQ firepower to Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or whatever SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tasks you have.  These campaigns can be carried out in English, Russian, French, Swedish, and likely whatever language you need. 

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