Google Adwords Tbilisi Georgia: PPC for the Caucasus

Because my wife is Georgian we’re spending some time in Tbilisi, and I have realized that there is a tremendous need for digital marketing expertise among even large companies in Georgia.

Because there are so many features in the Adwords toolset (search, display, remarketing, youtube, Gmail) and ways to do custom targeting, there are many many things that companies are missing out on.

In addition, many companies do not fully use Analytics, so they do not know if marketing efforts are having an impact, and what the value of the marketing effort is.

Currently Root Deeper Marketing is exploring partnership with local marketing agencies so we can bring our top-tier Adwords and Analytics expertise to Georgian clients.

If you have a larger company and would like to work with us directly we also are happy to hear from you. We have English, Georgian and Russian languages available currently.

Facebook Vs. Adwords in Tbilisi Georgia

Many advertisers in Georgia now use Facebook, which is good there is a lot of traffic there, and it is tremendously popular.

But often companies are not using Facebook’s full targeting capabilities.  For our clients we target Facebook ads very specifically. We also look at the data from Analytics, as well as FB, to determine what benefits the clients are getting from their Facebook investments.

But Facebook is only “display” advertising.  You are able to posts or ads in front of many people fairly cheaply.  But the problem is they often are not looking to buy things.  Facebook is more of a social space.

On Adwords search you specifically advertise to people (locals, expats, tourists) who are interested in certain products.  Often people searching on Google are going to be higher-value customers.

People also don’t realize that Youtube and 2 million web sites in the Google Display Network are part of the Adwords programs. So you can put display/banner ads on millions of web sites, including those in Georgia, and you can advertise in Youtube like you would on television, but with better reporting and restults.

By 2020 there will be a tremendous amount more ecommerce in Georgia, and more people seeking information for products and services in Google searches.   Companies stand to benefit greatly if they can be at the front of this curve.

Adwords Experts for Tbilisi and Georgia and PPC Management

Given our experience in the highly competitive US and Western European markets, it is probably safe to say we’re the top Adwords experts in Georgia.

Most of our clients are in the US currently, but are open to working on larger accounts in Georgia.  We also can train on Google Analytics and Google Adwords, and have had excellent reviews from our training programs.

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