Give Out Those Digits! Part 1. Click to Call Mobile Numbers on Web Sites

So, as part of my role as a Google Partner, I spend time on the Google Partners Community and the Google Business Community.  The GBC has a lot of businesses who are just getting online, and are looking for ideas and help with the process of getting online.

In reviewing a number of the sites of GBC the Number One thing that stood out to me is that the phone numbers were not numbers you could just Click to Dial.  I don’t mean a fancy Click-to-Call tracked feature, I just mean simply that a smart phone or tablet user couldn’t just click on the number to call it.  For folks “on the move” this may mean you’re losing a sale!  Literally, many mobile users will just go to the next business in line and call.

There are a few options, but here is the simplest:

Making your phone number click-to-call for mobile users

Look in your code for your phone number.  Say it’s 415-878-6309.  Simply put in the following code instead:

<a href=tel.4158786309> 415-878-6309 <a>

Look! Now you’re a programmer!

It will turn into this:

Easy, right?

I don’t know why any business owner would not take a minute to make this change, or instruct your webmaster to do it.  If they charge you anything more than $10 to make the change, you should fire that web person.

If you want to hear a down-home guy talk about this for 12 minutes, you can view this video:
Around 8 minutes he shows how to make the change I describe above.

Google Voice Forwarding

If you want to make an even snazzier and attractive feature you can have a Google Voice number forward to your phone.

You get something like this on your site:

Snazzy, huh? If you click, and call that number, it will ring to my local phone number. And it can forward to different calls, and even not ring after hours!


There are other advantages to Google Voice:

  1. Forwarding calls. You can set the Voice number to forward to your mobile or office phone. Someone else on duty? Forward calls to them! Change it as you need!
  2. Screen call. You can listen to who is calling to determine if it’s a call you need to take at that time.
  3. Transcribed voicemails. Google will automatically transcribe and text-message to you the voicemail that the caller left! It’s not 100% perfect but gives you a good sense of the call.
  4. Call-to-computer. You can receive calls on your computer, answering with Google Hangout. And it’s Free! Or, take the call from your mobile or desk phone!
  5. Voicemail notices.  Google Voice can email you, and/or text you transcribed voicemail messages!

You can choose your phone number from local numbers, or numbers from all over the country.

Google Voice Forwarding can be a great call-management service, and it’s free!

A great addition to Google’s small business productivity tools!

Many more resources are available here: