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I’m very excited about this and feel I can do an excellent job sharing thoughts, insights, quips and tips relating to the practice of successful startup growth but I don’t know that I have the right clips, at hand, to share. I’d ask that you give me another chance to demonstrate my potential if you don’t see enough here yet.

A few quick clips on PPC topics. These are NOT the “big picture” conceptual type of pieces I’d like to do for Startup Grind.  Intent on this blog is more sales than conceptual sharing/ thought leadership.

More of my conceptual writing is in the Triple Nine Society forums online but it is not public.

General blog posts (quick and dirty, for my own site), less developed than I’d do for SUG:

General blog- more self-promotional


More developed post example from Google Small Business Advisor role

As a Google Small Business Advisor I was asked to do something for Earth Day. 


Other Background

Most of my writing has been proposals and reports but I feel I have a lot to contribute in reflecting on the role of Profit-Driven Marketing as an essential discipline for 21st Century startups.   I also can reflect on the practice of business development from wide-ranging experience including work with micro-enterprises in my nonprofit role, to work with startups in my consulting and business advisor roles.

Beyond the clients I work with through my own firm I have roles within the Ohio startup ecosystem:

1. Anchor Tenant and trainer at the Ohio University Innovation Center

2. Expert Network member for Rev1 Ventures in Columbus

3. Support role for Muskingum County Business Incubator in Zanesville


I see the Startup Grind opportunity to be a way to talk about more of the systemic observations I’ve been having.

Informally I do a lot of business counseling, especially with “non-traditional” entrepreneurs from underserved and rural communities.

A lot of what that involves in reflecting on their personal goals and the relationship between those goals and taking on external funding, delegating functions they are used to “just doing”, etc.

My background is in psychology, and I’d like to speak to the human dimensions of startup decisions that are where the “rubber hits the road”.  The numbers are important, but human beings make it happen.

Finally, I’d like to talk about the role of startups in persistent poverty regions.  I’ve done project work and reports for the Appalachian Regional Commission and have done projects in the Deep South (please watch a minute or two of this video about that work )

Too often the stories and discussions are about places with concentrations of wealth and capital. I’d like to reflect on how we cultivate what’s best in the communities who have least financially and unleash the great reservoir of human talents in these areas that are not currently in right balance with capital.


Thank you for your consideration. I’d love to be a part of what you are doing and contribute to the conversation of both practical aspects of startup success and reflection on the broader practice of cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems.


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