Adwords Consultant? Naw, I Can Do It Myself!

“Google Adwords Doesn’t Work”

It puzzles and frustrates me a bit that I hear all the time that Adwords doesn’t work.

Wooden-handled shovels don’t work when you pile them up, douse them with gasoline, and light them afire, either.

So why do people waste money on Adwords, not knowing what they’re doing, and then complain about it? GIGO.

Just today I was doing a free assessment for a friend of a friend.  He’s a smart guy, in Information Technology for businesses, and had been in the field for over 20 years.

He wanted my help marketing but explained that Adwords doesn’t work for his business.  I ask him to humor me and to share the results from the time he tried it.  He sent data from 2012 where he spend over $1700 in roughly one month.

He tried advertising a system for online backup of your business or personal files so you don’t lose them. This is not something I’d try to compete in national searches for as a small firm, but it was 2012 and the field wasn’t as saturated as it is today.  He had dozens of search terms which were sensible, and some downright clever.  I could imagine his pride coming up with the creative ideas.  Unfortunately, clever ideas are not enough to effectively do Adwords. You have to really know what you’re doing!

$1700 was a huge monthly marketing spend for his tiny firm.  What did he get for it?  NOTHING.  Why?

When I downloaded the search query report he had over 500 different queries.

He was PAYING for clicks from people searching on these terms who are HIGHLY unlikely to EVER buy from him:

“back page”  (a classifieds web site)  “back page com”  “www back page com” “the back page”  and as many clicks for “back page phoeniz az” as he had for “online storage”.

All told he had over $500 of spend from folks looking for from dallas to honduras.  They did click his ad, as they were curious. But I expect his “bounce rate” (folks who left the site without looking at any other pages) was near 100%.  Of course there is no data on bounce rate as he didn’t have analytics installed and linked (!).

There is a saying in programming  “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO) that applies.

If you set up Adwords with the wrong inputs you’ll get UNRELATED searches, many in parts of the world you don’t even service! People may click because they are curious, but they have no “commercial intent”.  They are not intending to buy.

Yes, 2 people searching on “lower back tattoos” clicked and went to your site, but that doesn’t mean it was $5.92 well spent.  (multiplied by 500 queries)

People: don’t pay for clicks. Pay for results.  And use the money you’d waste to hire a pro.


And “do not try this at home. The persons performing the stunt are trained professionals.”

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