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How Can We Help? 

We are here to serve you.  As Certified Google Partners we have cutting-edge technical skills to offer, but more importantly we see ourselves as your strategic partner.  We seek to understand you and your business, and to help facilitate the growth you dream of.     Which of the following describes your situation? 

“Adwords is Not Working For Me”

Some of our best customers have tried Adwords and it has not worked for them, even with a PPC Management firm.  But we Root Deeper. We’re committed to making Adwords work for you, if it’s a good fit.

We are happy to analyze your existing Adwords and Bing campaigns, determine what could be improved, and turn around your account!

“Our online sales went up 160% year-over-year & you reduced our cost per acquisition by 17% Thanks so much!!!”

 a specialty travel company, where we made him 700% return on our management fee!

“I Want to Grow My Business.”

Our focus on Profit-Driven Marketing means that we work to understand your whole business, and drive increased profits for you on the bottom line.  We don’t just hole up and tweak your Adwords campaign, we help your business overall.

One of our favorite things to do is to help small businesses grow.  If you have ambition, and you are serious about achieving great things, give us a call.

” It was easy to see, starting with the very first phone conversation, that they were intensely interested in my success, and they showed this by going out of their way to advise me on all aspects of marketing my business”

Sid McFarland, Extra Nerds  (a client in B2B technical and IT services business)

“I’m a B2B Company. Does Adwords Work for That?”

Many companies do not do B2B well.  They treat it like the “numbers game” that the B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing is.  B2B requires a special, smarter approach to Adwords.  But to be really excellent you need to harness the full tools of Digital Analytics.

To give you even more value, and more leads from your online marketing we offer a proprietary B2B service we have developed in partnership with a specialized data service which we call “Lead Sonar”.

Lead Sonar enables you to see more leads who are visiting your web site, and allows you to capture significantly more leads than other companies.

We chose the name Lead Sonar as it is like the difference between looking into a lake and seeing occasional fish compared to using a sonar “fish finder” which gives you much better information and helps you land more in a day.

“It takes an extremely high level of analytical intelligence to figure this stuff out for maximum effectiveness. One AdWords consultant I can recommend,Colin Donohue, will offer one-on-one, personalized consulting. I expect you’ll be able to measure and satisfy yourself that the results are worthy of his fees.”

Construction Marketing Ideas, Mark Buckshon

“I have Someone Doing Adwords but I’m Not Sure If They’re Doing a Good Job”

You have enough to worry about as a small business owner.  Every day brings its own uncertainties and challenges, along with many joys.

To put your mind at rest, get a second-opinion about your Adwords Campaign. Get a PPC and Online Marketing Audit

If you are happy with your current provider but want to do your due diligence and help make sure they are at peak effectiveness we can review the account, give recommendations, and even work with your existing provider to improve their performance.

The main thing is for you to rest easy knowing that your account, and your ad budget, is being taken good care of.

“It is no wonder that some business owners decide to give up before they get too far into the process. They might spend on AdWords, and then discover their budget has been exhausted within days — and they have absolutely no idea where their money has gone”

– Mark Buckshon, Construction Marketing Ideas

Other Questions, Needs, Ideas, or Concerns?  Reach Out!

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